We are closing!!

We will stop paying rewards after cycle 412.

Please delegate to another baker before cycle 405 to avoid losing rewards!


Our features

Fully insured

We are 100% insured by Baking Bad, which ensures you will always get paid, on time.

100% efficiency

Unlike most bakers, we also pay blocks and endorsements we miss or lose. You are guaranteed 100% efficiency, regardless of our baking operation. You don’t risk losing rewards anymore.

Immediate payments

Rewards are paid immediately after the end of each baking cycle. No need to wait for them to be unfrozen. It is 6 cycles (17 days) in advance compared to most bakers.

Always on time

We are committed to never miss one cycle. If we ever do, we will compensate our delegators with a special discount for the next one.

Easy reporting & tax

Get detailed reports with payment dates in your home currency, and export them in CSV for easy accounting and tax filing.

VIP offer

Delegating more than 50K XTZ? Contact us on Telegram and enjoy dedicated assistance, custom payment schemes and much more.

9.9% fair fee

Our fee is competitive while still allowing us to maintain a high-quality service.

Risk free

Your XTZ stay under your control all the time. Plus, as we are insured and committed to 100% efficiency, you don’t risk any of your rewards either.


No sign-up, e-mails or texts. We do not collect any of your personal information. Your privacy is important to us.